Wil Cooksey CONFIRMED as a Corvette Celebrity Guest for the Corvettes Cruising’ Galveston event!


Wilmer “Wil” Cooksey, Jr., was the longest reigning Corvette Assembly Plant Manager, serving fifteen years. His reign over the Corvette Factory began in 1993, near the end of the C4 run and continued well into the C6 era (2008). So if you have a later C4, any C5 or an early C6, Wil was at the helm overseeing your car being built. Wil even worked in the original Corvette plant — St. Louis so there is literally no telling how many Corvettes this man has touched.

Discussing mass quantities of Corvettes, Will estimates that he has bought and sold around five-hundred of them — YES 500! The cars he has in his current collection are concentrated around the cars he managed while in Bowling Green (C4s, C5s and C6s). Cooksey even has a Super Pro/Super Gas all-out drag car that runs consistently in the nines.

Inducted in the Corvette Hall of Fame was only one of his amazing accomplishments. Earning his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Tennessee State University, followed by a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Toledo, his post graduate work in Mechanical Engineering was performed at Michigan State University all of which led to Cooky’s military service. Will served proudly in the U.S. Army where he earned a bronze medal from his tour in Vietnam. After the military, Wil taught at the prestigious General Motors Institute which led him to the position that made him famous to Corvette owners all over the world.

Wil’s book, No Time To Cry is a great addition to any Corvette library and there will be copies to purchase, better yet, Wil can sign them with a personal touch during the event! If you already own a copy of Wil’s book, do not forget to bring it for Wil to autograph.

We want to also remind you Texans that Wil was born in the Lone Star State, Fort Worth to be exact. So let us welcome him home with a warm reception!

WilCooksey wilsBOOK



As far as the weather, the event will be handled exactly as it was last year – “Rain or Shine.”

As you well know, there is no way to have a rain date for such an event as this… with hotels contracts, the city of Galveston, permits, police, banquet hall, meals, dumpsters, port-a-potties, and the such involved. All of our contracts for the event are also non-refundable and were paid for up front.

Last year we had flooding in Houston along with torrential rains, but Galveston Island saw no rain on the show day or Sunday. We – obviously – are hoping for similar results for this year’s show.

That all said — and the fact that all bills have been prepaid for the event — there will be no protocol for any type of refund. Also please remember that this is a charity event with all proceeds going to charity. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.



If you fail to pickup your registration packet on Friday at Moody Gardens — or have yet to register for the event — ON SATURDAY MORNING, SIMPLY DRIVE NORTH UP 25th STREET UNTIL YOU REACH ONE OF THE EVENT STAFF… Tell them you need your Registration Packet -or- that you need to Register you car, and they will direct you to our remote registration station.